Aviation attorneys providing representation before the FAA, NTSB, DOT, TSA and DHS

The attorneys at Avialex Law Group, LLP are exceptionally qualified to represent clients before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and other agencies involved in aviation administrative, regulatory and enforcement matters. Prior to founding our firm, Michael Dworkin served as staff counsel to the FAA in Washington and Los Angeles, and as in-house counsel for United Airlines in San Francisco.

Our unique knowledge of aviation regulation and the aviation industry also places us in an excellent position to litigate any aviation-related legal issue. The issues we regularly handle include:

  • Defense of certificate enforcement actions

  • Accident/incident investigations

  • NTSB administrative litigation and appeals

  • Regulatory certification and appeals

  • Safety and compliance audits

  • Airman medical certifications (including FAA Special Issuance)

  • Hazardous Materials (HazMat) enforcement actions

  • DUI and Drug arrest reporting / HIMS specialists

  • Certificate and Waiver Applications

  • SEVIS Flight School Applications

  • 6120.1 Pilot Operator Reports

Airworthiness does not mean flyability.
— GoJet Airlines, LLC v. FAA; Copsey v. NTSB