Aviation specialists able to assist with acquisition and disposition




Whether you represent a large corporation, a closely-held business concern, a wealthy individual, an investor, or any other individual looking to fly private, our commercial transaction attorneys assist clients with the leasing, purchasing/selling or charter of aircraft, as well as hangars, yachts, and other commercial real estate interests. 

There are numerous reasons why our clients acquire aircraft. For example: geographically diverse business interests; frequent travel on short notice; travel to areas lacking adequate commercial airline service or away from major markets; provincial vacation homes; security/privacy concerns; etc.

We help guide our clients through aircraft purchase and sale transactions, addressing such important issues as:

  • Reviewing client needs when determining appropriate aircraft

    • Do you have predictable usage?

    • What is your flexibility on passenger loads?

    • Do you want long-range versus stopping to refuel?

    • Calculating Business vs. Personal Usage

  • Conducting Due Diligence

    • Aircraft title

    • FAA Airworthiness File Review

    • Historical records search and review

  • Drafting and Negotiating Purchase Agreements

    • Letters of Intent

    • Pre-purchase inspection

    • Establishing Escrow

    • Warranties and Representations

    • Insurance Needs

    • Closing and Delivery

    • Sales & Use Tax Ramifications

  • Discussing Ownership Models

    • Leasing vs. Ownership

    • Fractional vs. Joint ownership

    • Chartering (“pay-as-you-go”) and Jet cards

  • Concerns regarding Nationality and Registration

    • Forming Holding Companies

    • Federal Excise Taxes

    • Non-Citizen Trusts / Foreign Ownership

    • Deregistrations for Export / Import and Registration Application Process

    • Avoiding the “Corporate Flight Department” pitfall

  • Aircraft Management Decisions

    • Management Agreements

    • Crew Services Agreements

    • Dry Lease Charter Agreements

    • Interchange and/or Co-Ownership Agreements

    • Engine leasing / Engine Service Plans