Aviation attorneys with decades of experience handling business transactions and commercial contracts.

At Avialex Law Group, LLP in San Francisco, our broad experience in the aviation industry enables us to assist aviation and non-aviation clients with a range of general commercial transactions and business litigation issues including:

  • Commercial real estate sales, leases and subleases

  • Formation and dissolution of corporations, limited liability corporations, partnerships and joint ventures

  • Leasing, Financing and Debt Restructuring

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Negotiating and closing purchase agreements

  • International sales, imports and exports

  • General business disputes

  • Non-Disclosure and confidentialiry agreements 

  • Acquiring rights to use or lease space on or near airports (zoning, security, equal access, through-the-fence agreements, construction of hangar, MRO and fuel facilities)

  • Contesting or Filing and Perfecting Aircraft and Mechanic Liens

  • Private and business aircraft registration

  • Operating / Charter / Service Agreements

  • Aircraft ownership / leasing / fractional ownership plans

  • Non-U.S. Citizen Trust Formation 

  • Aircraft, engine and component maintenance programs

  • Brokerage Agreements

  • Airport Partnership + Use Agreements