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NBAA President and CEO presents Top 40U40 award to John T. Van Geffen.

NBAA President and CEO, Ed Bolen, presents Top 40 Under 40 Award to John T. Van Geffen.

“At a time when the aviation community is as focused as ever on attracting and keeping tomorrow’s leaders and visionaries, NBAA is honored to have this opportunity to shine a spotlight on these outstanding young people, who are changing our industry in innovative and profound ways,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.

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Aspen Flight Academy's Every Student Flies program is a success!

Recently, our firm was lucky enough to be in a position to provide pro bono service to the Aspen Flight Academy, a 501(c)(3) to assist in getting their Every Student Flies program 'off the ground'. Not only has the Aspen Flight Academy seen their dream realized of initiating a program that provides a free hour of dual flight instruction for every student and faculty member at the Aspen High School but Diamond Aircraft has partnered with the academy to provide brand new aircraft for these lucky students.

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John Van Geffen
John T. Van Geffen Receives NBAA's Top 40 Under 40 Award!

The NBAA’s Top 40 Under 40 shines a light on young professionals making their mark in the business aviation industry. Avialex Law Group, LLP’s Partner, John T. Van Geffen, was nominated for his work in business management and chosen by the NBAA Young Professionals (“YoPro”) Council, a group of business aviation professionals and NBAA staff liaisons working to build relationships between the industry’s emerging leaders.

John Van Geffen is making an impact. When he’s not assisting clients with a wide spectrum of aviation legal needs, he serves as an AOPA panel attorney, regional vice president for the International Air and Transportation Safety Bar Association, and provides pro bono assistance to help local flight schools offer free discovery flights to students. In other spare time that somehow exists, Van Geffen volunteers on the Board of Trustees for the Oakland Aviation Museum, helping to preserve its 80-year-old hangar and coordinating STEM education opportunities for young people.“I want to bring back that old view of aviation – the sense of it being a really majestic, inspiring thing,” he said. “Any way I can help get the next generation on board with that, I’m going to do it.”


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Aircraft Donations - The how's and why's

For many, the idea of donating such an expensive asset is difficult to grasp. But when considered against the costs and effort associated with servicing and operating an older aircraft with upcoming inspections, near term life limited parts and dwindling new parts inventories, the option of donating your aging aircraft may start to make sense. Here is an article I co-wrote with another aviation professional on the 'hows and whys' of donating aircraft.  

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Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements in 2019

Whether vetting a potential investor, considering a joint venture, looking to acquire the next unicorn, or simply trying to hire a contractor to help with work flow, if you want your business opportunities to continue growing through strategic partnerships then you are going to need a concrete understanding of what each business considers its confidential proprietary information and what level of access you want to grant those outside of your circle. 

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Don't Forget to do Your Due Diligence When Purchasing a Business Interest

How do you conduct due diligence? The scope and depth of your investigation will depend on a few things. Is the target company publicly traded or privately held? Are you a strategic buyer or a financial buyer? How is the purchase going to be structured? How many jurisdictions does the target company do business in? What sort of business is the target company in and are there additional risks associated with this type of business? Are there any industry norms specific to this type of deal? 

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