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Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements in 2019

Whether vetting a potential investor, considering a joint venture, looking to acquire the next unicorn, or simply trying to hire a contractor to help with work flow, if you want your business opportunities to continue growing through strategic partnerships then you are going to need a concrete understanding of what each business considers its confidential proprietary information and what level of access you want to grant those outside of your circle. 

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Don't Forget to do Your Due Diligence When Purchasing a Business Interest

How do you conduct due diligence? The scope and depth of your investigation will depend on a few things. Is the target company publicly traded or privately held? Are you a strategic buyer or a financial buyer? How is the purchase going to be structured? How many jurisdictions does the target company do business in? What sort of business is the target company in and are there additional risks associated with this type of business? Are there any industry norms specific to this type of deal? 

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