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Avialex Law Group, LLP Volunteers to Help Student Pilots get their Start with the Aspen Higher Learning Flight Academy

Avialex Law Group, LLP recently provided pro bono services to the Aspen Higher Learning Flight Academy (“Aspen Flight Academy”) in support of their endeavor to provide one free hour of flight instruction to each and every student and faculty member at both the Aspen Middle School and Aspen High School.

In addition to helping facilitate the ‘Everyone Flies Program’ by drafting the student and faculty enrollment agreement(s), Avialex Law Group, LLP put together and install the academy’s Emergency Response Plan.

More importantly, we want to congratulate Aspen Flight Academy on the sheer ambitiousness and creativity of their plan to introduce hundreds of young students (and faculty) to aviation and we thank them for helping hundreds of potential new pilots get their start.

Below is a letter from the President of the Aspen Flight Academy’s Board of Directors, Michael E. Pearce.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 3.23.45 PM.png