We are introducing a new legal service/product, something which, to my knowledge, no other law firm has done. Although it's being introduced now, we've actually had it in the works for the past several months. It reflects the culmination of over 40 years of aviation legal experience, particularly in our dealings with the FAA, NTSB and other governmental authorities, responding to aircraft accidents, incidents and other mishaps, defending enforcement actions for alleged violations and aviation litigation.


Our new service is intended to work in conjunction with your existing Emergency Response Plan (ERP). It provides instant availability of qualified aviation legal counsel to assist you, your senior management, your flight crews and your Emergency Response Team in responding to any accidents, incidents and other events which might give rise to violations.

How it works:

You provide us with your current ERP, we review it, and then store it on our servers so that we have instantaneous access should the need arise. When we review your ERP, we'll look for ways to better protect your legal interests and will communicate any recommended changes to you.

We will provide you with round-the-clock telephone contact information and call center access and ensure our availability 24/7/365.

On a yearly basis, we will participate in a tabletop exercise with your company's management and members of your ERP team. We will also provide up to 10 hours of on-call legal assistance and services relating to accidents, incidents and possible violations or infractions, including but not limited to submission of documents to the NTSB and FAA. This would also include submissions under applicable voluntary disclosure programs.

As retained counsel, our mission is to serve your company's best legal interests by protecting company assets and minimizing liabilities. Our participation may also protect your internal communications, deliberations and investigations from disclosure under recognized legal privileges.

Should the worst possible scenario become a reality, our office will assist you in the preparation of the NTSB Pilot Operator Report and act as a liaison between you, the NTSB, the FAA and other government agencies. Anyone interviewed by the NTSB or the FAA following an accident or incident is entitled to representation and we will provide it. When needed, we will assist your company in obtaining party status in any ongoing investigation. If necessary, we will also seek confidential/proprietary treatment of any information that you may be required to submit to the NTSB or FAA.

In short, for one modest flat fee, we will provide:

  • One (1) year of attorney availability;
  • Up to three (3) hours of ERP review and revision;
  • Up to four (4) hours participation in tabletop ERP simulation; and
  • Up to ten (10) hours of on-call standby legal services for accidents and incidents and potential violations (including Voluntary Self-Disclosure matters).

Please click the link for a brochure describing AVIALEX STANDBY™, including our responses to frequently asked questions.

If this service is something in which you might be interested, or should you require more details, including pricing, please give us a call.

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